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  • Your First Credit Card

    Can’t wait to get my hands on my first piece of plastic!
    Easy to apply RM0 Annual Fee
  • Shopper

    I’m the Finance Minister of the household. I hold the wallet. I call the shots.
    Retail Hypermarket Household
  • Islamic Card-i

    I believe in the financial methods prescribed by my faith.
    Takaful Shariah
  • e-Commerce

    I get everything I need with just a few clicks here and there.
    Secure Online Transaction Offer
  • Lifestyle Guru

    I never get tired of life in the city. Day or night, there’s always so much to do!
    Entertainment Dining Cinema
  • Holidaymaker

    There’s nothing I love more than packing up and going on a nice vacation.
    Hotel Flight
  • Road Warrior

    I drive around so much I know every road like the back of my hand.
    Petrol Touch n' Go
  • Emergency Only!

    I’ve always preferred cash to credit when it comes to spending.
    EPP Balance Transfer
  • VIP

    I have arrived in life. And now it’s time for a little indulgence.
    Premium Privileges
  • Business Traveller

    My business takes me to various places around the world.
    Flyer Miles Hotel
  • Entrepreneur

    I started something from the ground up. Now I want to take it higher.
    Cash Advance Business
  • Money Manager

    I virtually eat, sleep and breathe my credit cards.
    Low Late Payment Fee