Bank Rakyat Classic Credit Card-i credit card

Bank Rakyat Classic Credit Card-i

FREE group Family Takaful insurance. Coverage includes guaranteed repayment of outstanding debts accrued through Credit Card-i usage

  • 13.5% p.a. profit rate
  • 20 days penalty-free period
  • 3% p.a. balance transfer over 3 months
  • RM0.00 annual fee
  • Earn up to 1x reward point 

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Because you should be rewarded for giving the bank your business

Rakyat Rewards: 1 point = RM10. Points are converted to cash at the rate of RM0.10 per 10 points. Also, earn as much as 3.0% of Profit Rebate on Auto Debit facility, Bank Rakyat loan facility, and for being a good paymaster!
1 point on every RM10on all local and overseas retail expenses
Rewards points earned never expires

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Annual Fee
  • Free for life
Annual Fee for Supplementary Card
Sales and Service Tax
RM25 on each principal and supplementary card upon approval and anniversary date
Minimum monthly payment
RM50 or 5% of outstanding amount
Late payment fee
RM10 or 1% of outstanding amount, up to a maximum of RM100
Cash withdrawal fee
RM21.20 or 3.00% of withdrawn amount, whichever is higher
Profit Rate on Cash Withdrawals


Are you eligible for this credit card?

Minimum annual income
Minimum age for primary card holder
21 years old
Maximum age for primary card holder
65 years old
Minimum age for supplementary card holder
18 years old
Who can Apply


Get some extra help from your credit card when you need it most

Balance Transfer
Bank Rakyat Credit Card-i Balance Transfer
Balance transfer allows you to consolidate debt from your other credit cards onto this card.

Bank Rakyat Classic Credit Card-i review

What's so good (or not so good) about it?

Reward Points

Your spending with Bank Rakyat Classic Credit Card-i earns Rakyat Rewards. For each RM10 you spent, you will get 1 Rakyat Rewards. Your accumulated reward points can be converted to cashback which is RM0.10 for each 10 Rakyat Rewards. In other words, you can get 0.1% cashback on each RM1 of your spending.

Bear in mind that the reward points are only given to the transactions that support halal products and services. You can choose to redeem your Rakyat Rewards via cheque, credit to any of your Bank Rakyat savings account or Umrah package. Besides that, you can opt to request Bank Rakyat to credit the rewards to your Bank Rakyat credit card account to reduce the outstanding balance. The redemption is easy – just contact Bank Rakyat at 03-2693 6880.

Zero Cost

You can enjoy all the card benefits with no cost at all forever. No worries, the annual fee waiver is noto any hidden requirements or charges.

Takaful Protection

Bank Rakyat Classic Credit Card-i provides free family Takaful protection to secure your outstanding account balance in the event of death or permanent disablement. Bank Rakyat will make the full payment on behalf of you via the Takaful protection.

In the event of death, the beneficiary of the card holder will receive the compassionate reimbursement of up to RM1000.

Credit Limit

Credit limit refers to the maximum purchase amount you will be allowed with Bank Rakyat Classic Credit Card-i.

If your annual income falls between RM24000 and RM36000, you can apply for Bank Rakyat Classic Credit Card-i that gives you minimum credit limit cap of at least RM3000. The maximum credit limit depends on your credit rating.

Low Interest Rate

The interest rate is also known as the finance charge on the outstanding credit card balance. The interest rate is charged based on your previous 12 months' repayment period, be it full or minimum payment.

If you make the prompt repayment in the past 12 months, the standard interest rate is 13.5% p.a., meanwhile, it is 16% p.a. for the repayment in 10 out of 12 months. If you do not fulfill the above requirements, the interest rate charged on your outstanding payment will be 17.5% p.a..

With Bank Rakyat Classic Credit Card-i, you will only be charged 13.5% p.a. if you make the repayment before the due date continuously for 9 months.

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